Charitable Giving

 focus and lido

The Lido Philanthropic Advantage

At Lido Advisors we specialize in providing our clients with a holistic and tailored approach to their wealth management. Meeting and exceeding clients’ goals, and acting as a quarterback for clients’ other needs has been our passion and focus from day one. In furtherance of these values, we are pleased to offer a new, powerful philanthropic resource to Lido clients. Lido clients can look to us for the same approach they are accustomed to in their wealth management, applied now to their philanthropy.

We believe this partnership can help facilitate our clients in obtaining answers to challenging questions that many donors face:

  • How can I find compelling, smaller nonprofits where my contributions can make an outsized difference?
  • How can I be sure I am achieving the results I seek, not just funding activity?
  • What credible source has conducted in-depth diligence and ongoing monitoring of the recipient?
  • Can I count on getting the feedback I would like on what actually happened following my gift?

Through this collaboration, Lido clients have three ways to further their charitable giving goals through the Focusing Philanthropy platform:

  • Maximum Impact Pool–Lido recognizes the importance of a strict due diligence process—whether for investment or charitable giving—and partners with Focusing Philanthropy who builds a diversified giving portfolio from the aggregate of all contributions donated to them. Deploying this capital to make donations throughout the year to a pre-vetted list of charitable organizations, Focusing Philanthropy provides these charities with funds at the times and in the amounts likely to achieve the greatest leveraged impact. We believe this is the most powerful way to give.
  • Curated giving opportunities – From time to time, we will offer unique giving opportunities to our clients, curated by Focusing Philanthropy, enabling Lido clients, acting individually or as a group, to be directly responsible for all of the funding of high-impact initiatives. This may include one of the charities currently on the Focusing Philanthropy roster, or a special focus on the Greater LA area targeting the education health and welfare of our community through existing 501(c)(3) charities. This may include help building or stocking a library, health clinics for underserved individuals or veterans or another similar cause. (Does not include lobbying local or national governmental entities.)
  • Individualized Focusing Philanthropy support – Focusing Philanthropy will work with individual Lido clients to help them find giving opportunities on the Focusing Philanthropy menu that fit their particular interests. These tailored interactions can frequently help address multi-generational objectives.

More About Focusing Philanthropy

Focusing Philanthropy identifies, evaluates, and promotes compelling opportunities for personal, foundation, and corporate giving. Each of the 15 organizations they support and showcase helps to achieve sustainable improvements in the quality of life for people with great, unmet need and to develop vital resources in the poorest communities. All featured non-profits undergo rigorous initial screening and ongoing monitoring to provide donors with confidence and evidence that their targeted giving is achieving the greatest possible impact. To date their growing donor network has contributed $6.5 million to these recipient organizations. Focusing Philanthropy was founded and is led by Larry Gilson who previously established and, for many years, ran a very successful private equity firm. In adapted form, Focusing Philanthropy employs many of the opportunity identification, diligence, monitoring and reporting techniques refined over many years of investment experience.

Focusing Philanthropy is itself a nonprofit so all donations in support of these offerings are fully tax deductible to US tax payers. One hundred percent of all funds donated through Focusing Philanthropy go to the showcased recipient organizations because all operating costs of Focusing Philanthropy are borne by its founders. As is always the case, Focusing Philanthropy services are provided free to both donors and recipient nonprofits.

Join Us
  • To learn more about the Lido-Focusing Philanthropy partnership and how you can get involved, please ask any of the Lido Advisors principals at (800) 604-LIDO.
Lido Advisors and Focusing Philanthropy are unaffiliated companies. Lido does not receive any direct or indirect compensation from Focusing Philanthropy under this partnership and it should not be assumed that Lido is endorsing or guaranteeing the services provided by Focusing Philanthropy. Clients considering charitable donations are encouraged to ask any questions and review financial information available on Focusing Philanthropy’s website at Lido Advisors and Focusing Philanthropy do not provide tax advice and clients should consult their tax advisor prior to making any contributions. Lido Advisors does not have any control over which charities ultimately receive financial assistance from Focusing Philanthropy.