Asset Allocation

Lido Advisors is a resource for objective and independent investment advice. As a Registered Investment Adviser, we can choose from a broad selection of investment managers with various styles, from traditional stocks and bond managers to those that manage alternative investments such as hedge funds, private equity and real estate. Of utmost importance, our investment platform is not constrained by proprietary products of any kind.  Our network of sources are highly qualified and experienced in handling the unique opportunities and obstacles presented to the affluent.

Lido Advisors does not focus on selling products. We strive to make decisions that are impartial, serve your best interest and help preserve your family’s wealth.  We begin by developing an asset allocation plan that balances a client’s overall financial objectives with individual attributes including risk tolerance, income requirements, liquidity requirements, income taxes and time horizon.

In determining and maintaining the appropriate allocation plan, Lido Advisors professionals will perform the following services:

1.  Analysis of the client’s current financial situation and prior investment experience

2. Assistance in setting goals to determine appropriate time horizons, investment objectives, income taxes, family structure and amounts needed to accomplish investment goals

3. Analysis of the client’s risk tolerance

4. Selection of appropriate asset classes

5. Investment selection utilizing, as appropriate, no-load mutual funds, equity and fixed income securities, private funds, first trust deed funds, and third party asset managers

6. Ongoing monitoring of fund, securities and manager performance

7. Ongoing portfolio performance analysis

8. Portfolio modifications and reallocation as determined by Lido Advisors, LLC to be advisable for the client’s needs and the applicable market and economic conditions