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Market Update June 2018 – Tax cuts are having an impact to U.S. earnings

06/15/2018 • Newsletters, Team Post

Published 6.15.2018 Tax cuts are having an impact to U.S. earnings. As Europe and Japan have peaked in terms of GDP growth, the U.S. is now attracting capital at the margins as investors rebalance. Italy, North Korea and the Middle East could create support for U.S. Treasuries. We see ample support for Treasuries despite the continued upward […]

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State of the Economy: April 2018

04/15/2018 • Newsletters, Team Post

Published 1.8.2018 Stock Market in Correction… And it’s About Time January started the year with a bang. World economies clearly were in growth mode, interest rates low and earnings marching ever higher. In walks February and March with dark clouds dominating the once rosy landscape. Trade wars and higher interest rates can have a negative effect on earnings […]

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Market Update Spring 2018- Our retrospective on tumultuous March

06/15/2018 • Newsletters, Team Post

Our Retrospective on Tumultuous March The global economic expansion is starting to peak. Economic surprises are decidedly disappointing in Europe, Japan and the U.K., while the U.S. is trending sideways. EM’s continue to remain strongly positive, as trade continues to power their expansion. Interestingly, the economy is powering down as economists are continuing to revise up […]

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Lido Advisors named as one of the “Top 10 Financial Advisors in Los Angeles” by

04/17/2018 • ​Awards, Newsletters, Press
Top-10’s review was conducted based on a number of factors, including, total assets under management and lack of any client complaints or adverse regulatory history. noted Lido’s Assets Under Management was $1.7 billion in 2016; we have grown to $2.7 billion in 2017. Source: “Top Financial Advisors in Los Angeles, CA”, (April 17, […]

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Market Update December 2017 – Tax policy will either pass, or it won’t.

12/12/2017 • Newsletters

Published 12.12.2017 Tax policy will either pass, or it won’t; though the reconciliation process will be critical to the ultimate tax reform outcome: Our outlook is that both the upside and downside are limited in either scenario as valuations are already at multi-year highs and continued positive earnings can buffer the downside scenario. Germany will either […]

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