About Lido Advisors

Lido Advisors, LLC is a full service, boutique investment advisory firm that has built its practice as an alternative to the large brokerage houses and bank-owned firms. As a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), Lido Advisors provides wealth management and investment services tailored to the unique situations of high net-worth individuals, trusts and family offices. Developing long-term relationships with its clients, Lido Advisors provides an objective, conflict-free approach to investment advising, blending the best aspects of large firm resources with the personal service and touch of a boutique firm. Constantly aligned with the interests of the clients they serve, Lido Advisor’s core principles include maintaining the highest levels of integrity and transparency in process, costs, investments and reporting, while striving for solid risk adjusted returns. As part of the wealth management process, Lido Advisors takes care to educate and inform its clients regarding investment ideas and strategies, keeping the client involved throughout the process to help provide peace of mind.

Lido Consulting, LLC is an affiliated company founded in 1995 to serve individuals and families with substantial wealth and their own in-house team managing their investment, personal and business interests (i.e. “Family Offices”). One of the leading organizations of its kind in the country, Lido Consulting facilitates the sharing of investment and management ideas with Family Offices in California and across the United States. Lido Consulting has created a network that includes many of the top investment professionals and companies that are working on cutting edge products and services in an increasingly complex investment strategies environment. Through these relationships, Lido Advisors is able to gain access to some of the most sophisticated investment strategies for its advisory clients.