Monthly Archives: September 2017

Whitepaper: Cryptocurrency Craze!

“Cryptocurrency Craze!” Written By: Jeff Garden, CFA® | Senior Research Analyst & Portfolio Manager With the rise of cryptocurrencies comes a lot questions.  Jeff Garden breaks down what exactly cryptocurrencies are, considerations for this new form of digital money, who the main players in this space are, and ultimately what are

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Mid Month Market Update: September 2017

Published 9.13.2017 The Equifax Data Breach: Options you Should Consider Now to Protect Yourself News reports indicate that credit monitoring company Equifax was hacked recently. Reports vary as to how many people were affected and how much data was stolen. However, it seems to be clear that a significant number

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Monthly Market Update: September 2017

Published 9.7.2017 Introduction Equity markets have diverged into those that have peaked and those that can keep on going: The US and UK are showing signs of peaking while Europe, Japan and EM equity show signs of continuing at a fundamental level with continue room for multiple expansion. The search

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